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Le Noir de Bigorre AOC

Le Noir de Bigorre is part of the family of the pigs of the Mediterranean.
It walks freely on its territory of origin Bigorre in the borders of the High Pyrenees, the Gers and the Haute Garonne at the foot of the mountains.
He lives in small herds on stretches of meadows and undergrowth. It thus benefits from a healthy diet, based on the resource of its natural environment, cereals, herbs, fruits and other acorns.

This way of life is expressed through the very singular taste and flavors so characteristic of its products.
The ham, for example, cut into thin slices, exhales a beautiful aromatic complexity dominated by dry fruit.
The development of a Ham Noir de Bigorre is linked to the natural conditions of temperature, humidity and the specific foehn effect of Piedmont's Pyrenees climate.
This makes it a unique product without any other similar and recognized in AOC since December 26, 2015

Our recipes are made from these hams Noir de Bigorre,
Come taste them exclusively in Uzès !

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